You Only Get One Chance To Settle Your Injury Claim - Don’t Accept An Offer Until You Talk To Doug Mulvaney First

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Dealing With The Aftermath Of An Accident

The days and weeks immediately following a motor vehicle crash are often a blur. Hospital bills, dealing with time away from work, pain and suffering all become an unwelcome part of your life. It is during this time that the insurance claims adjustor comes calling. It is their job to get you to sign a settlement agreement for the lowest reasonable amount as soon as possible. These settlement offers often fail to compensate you for long-term medical expenses and are sometimes signed before injuries and complications are diagnosed.

Helping Indiana Car Crash Victims For Decades

You only get one chance to settle your claim, so don’t sign anything until you speak with an experienced attorney first. At Mulvaney Law Office, LLC, I have helped people wrongfully injured in motor vehicle crashes get the compensation they deserve for more than 35 years. I make sure that you aren’t rushed into signing anything and that the offer is a realistic amount based on your situation.

I help people injured in all types of street and roadway accidents, including:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Collisions with commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Lyft and Uber accidents

I will make sure that your medical bills, any lost wages, damage to your vehicle and your pain and suffering are all factored into the settlement offered by the insurance company.

Contact Motor Vehicle Accident Doug Mulvaney Today

If your loved one or you were injured in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, talk to the Mulvaney Law Office, LLC before you talk to the insurance agent. Call 574-413-9661 or fill out my online contact form to set up an initial consultation.